Why learning Microsoft Word is just as important as Excel

Why learning Microsoft Word is just as important as Excel:

If you’re in an office environment and you’re considering learning Microsoft Word whether to get more skills and improve your career or to make your data management more efficient, this article will show you why it is a good idea.

You’re going to find out the raw truth about the difference between Word and Excel so that you can see what role each one plays in making your normal workday more efficient.

Many people believe that Microsoft word is quite simple and cannot be used to do advanced things. When most people think of Word, it is seen as software which gives you a blank page, and then you type some stuff, and that’s it.

But what they don’t realize is that is an extremely powerful text formatting tool, to make your documents look better, easier to read and also change the way you store information.

If you look at the two programs more closely, there are some key differences between them. In fact, it’s three main ones which we will discuss right now:

Reason 1: Microsoft Words Text and Image Formatting

No matter what type of document you are looking to create, understanding Microsoft Words wide range of text and image formatting tools will make you and your fellow coworkers lives easier.

If you’re a business owner in South Africa and you want your employees to gain a full understanding of these features for your business, a reliable Word course can help them learn the basics and improve their skills.

That’s why Microsoft offers certified in-person training in certain parts of Gauteng. To teach people how to use their Office suite programs to their full capabilities without any struggle or frustrations.

The 2016 version of Microsoft word has most of the advanced features needed to do any of the tasks in this article.

You will see there are ways to crop unnecessary information out of images, apply filters, create diagrams and graphs using SmartArt and even remove the background colours from a picture.

Reason 2: You Can Work More Quickly

Microsoft Word gives you keyword shortcuts to apply certain formatting to your content much faster than simply clicking the on-screen toolbar. What’s more, is that with Words built-in macro’s you can automate certain repetitive tasks.

It also gives you the ability to apply templates and pre-formatted designs to your documents, which just make the editing process and make it easier.

Speed is something which Excel offers as well, but for certain types of documents, Microsoft Word definitely performs better.

Reason 3: Automatic Setup Of Mundane Actions

Have you ever manually typed out a table of contents? It can take quite long to scroll through your entire document, find all the headings and organize them in a structured way.

Well with the help of Microsoft Words automatic table of contents, you will no longer need to do that anymore!

Another example where Microsoft helps its users is by promoting and keeping the formatting you are using, consistent throughout the entire document.

That is a real time saver and it has been appreciated by the secretaries in our organizations for the last few years.

A few other notable features are Words Smart Lookup, Researcher, Bibliography tool and their Mail Merge tool.


So as you can see Microsoft Word has really brought a lot to the table and can have a positive impact on the productivity for any organization. Once you have learned how to use all the various features found inside and familiarized yourself with them, you will no longer struggle to get tasks done.

You can read more about Microsoft Office and it’s various features in our future articles.


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