Interim board appointed to embattled Umgeni Water

Durban in the News: Interim board appointed to embattled Umgeni Water: Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane has appointed an interim board to the Umgeni Water Board in KwaZulu-Natal, says a spokesperson. Gunshots and explosions: Keep Calm and Carry On, its just the cops: If you hear gunshots, explosions or aircraft overhead in Durban Central, don't fret, it's probably just the police sharpening up on their crime fighting skills. National ANC to support KZN's appeal against High Court ruling: The ANC national executive … [Read more...]

Umgeni Water exec exits as anonymous ‘whistleblower’ retracts corruption claims

Durban in the News: Umgeni Water exec exits as anonymous 'whistleblower' retracts corruption claims: On the same day Umgeni Water chief executive Cyril Gamede, who had been suspended pending corruption allegations, left the utility, an anonymous letter exonerating him was sent to the board. Click HERE to submit your Durban and Kwa-Zulu Natal news. … [Read more...]

Three killed in car crash in Durban’s Umgeni Road

Durban in the News: Three killed in car crash in Durban's Umgeni Road: Three men believed to be in their early 30s died in a horrific car crash on the Umgeni Road in the early hours of Sunday morning, paramedics said. Armed cable thieves bust in Howick: Members of Eskom’s security investigations team have arrested four men found in possession of stolen overhead conductor cable in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal. Battle still rages between landfill site and residents: Civil society group will be back at the Durban High Court on Wednesday, seeking … [Read more...]


A Durban selected video: On day 1 of COP17, it rained 88mm -this is what the river gave birth to. This river being close to Durban's "Blue Flag" beaches is a shocking reminder of the neglect of locals. Visit the MyPE YouTube Channel. More Umgeni River Bird Park on MyDurban. … [Read more...]