My Superbalist Fashion Faves – Featured Durban Blog

My Superbalist Fashion Faves: Ask me to go shopping for clothing and I’ll immediately head online – it is my favourite way to shop as I am not a fan of trawling malls for fashion – never have been. So when Superbalist asked me to pick some faves form their Women’s Fashion selection, I had a ball filling my imaginary online shopping cart – naturally veering toward my favourite colour – BLACK ;) The best part about shopping online?No makeup, no pants, no problem! (haha) So here are my fashion faves from their … [Read more...]

My Workspace Wishlist with Superbalist – Featured Durban Blog

My Workspace Wishlist with Superbalist: It’s Spring so I decided to look to Superbalist for some workspace inspiration. My desk was looking a little sad, so when Superbalist asked me to put together my workspace wishlist I chose items that… The post My Workspace Wishlist with Superbalist appeared first on GI Jane. Fill in the form below to have your blog featured on MyDurban - we will post a snippet and title link to your new blog posts. Submit and get free press releases here: MyPR Free Press Release | Meet the … [Read more...]