SABC plans historic Zulu reed dance coverage

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SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards 2013 at Durban ICC

A Durban selected video: SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards 2013 rehearsals held at Durban ICC Visit the MyPE YouTube Channel. More Durban ICC on MyDurban. … [Read more...]

Let’s fight crime like we fought apartheid

The IFP calls on all South Africans to fight crime in the same manner they fought apartheid after a video footage showing two men accosting SABC crew and it further calls on the police to urgently arrest the criminals involved. "The battle against crime is a fight that we must fight with the same vigour our forefathers used to dismantle the pillars of apartheid. I believe we need much harsher punishment for criminals in this country. We want those who have committed crimes to be put firmly where they cannot hurt the society again," said IFP … [Read more...]