Communities urged to protect leaders from ‘deadly assassins’

Durban in the News: Communities urged to protect leaders from 'deadly assassins': The IFP as urged communities to protect their political leaders, and offered condolences on the death of ANC councillor Sfiso Mkhize. NEC is ‘too large to manage’ says Chatsworth ANC: The branch says it wants to see the best cadres deployed to drive policies, and that the NEC is too large and difficult to manage ‘Mercedes’ dealer arrested in sting operation: Last year, the Daily News reported that three teens died and 32 were admitted to hospital after … [Read more...]

Protect principal whose predecessor was hacked to death: union

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Do beach nets and drum lines protect swimmers from sharks?

A Durban selected video: The Natal Sharks Board kills sharks to protect swimmers, but is it necessary? I went to find out... Music by Jeff Rona. Visit the MyPE YouTube Channel. More KwaZulu Natal Sharks Board on MyDurban. … [Read more...]