Durban Image: The park beside the Blue Lagoon, Durban

A Durban tagged image from Flickr - click on the name of the photographer below the image to see more Durban goodness. The park beside the Blue Lagoon, Durban Image by Robert Cutts For this shot I again pointed the camera towards the park beside the lagoon but now with the zoom set to about 5x. … [Read more...]

Blue Lagoon hit-and-run driver kept in custody

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Sewerage Spill in Umhlanga River Contained

The sewer spill at Waterloo pump station has been contained and is no longer spilling to the Umhlanga River. The Municipality is currently aerating the river below Waterloo Pump Station to re-mediate the river. The Lagoon has been scoured out due to the high spring tides which breached the river mouth and the high tide has scoured the lagoon to sea. This has resulted in the lagoon not being polluted at present and there is no evidence of any dead fish. The repairs to the trunk sewer will be completed in approximately two weeks and the … [Read more...]