New Tetley Green Tea + a Delicious Giveaway – Featured Durban Blog

New Tetley Green Tea + a Delicious Giveaway: I have never been a big tea drinker, in fact, I absolutely detested it and stuck to coffee for years, turning my nose up at tea. But with age comes knowledge and about 2 years ago, I started drinking flavoured teas, gravitating towards anything flavoured with mint or ginger. To be honest, the only reason I started was that my husband had a cup before bed each night and I felt totally left out! (FOMO much?!) I love a cup before bed now and definitely feel more relaxed and sleepy on the evenings I do … [Read more...]

Snuggle in this winter with Volpes + a giveaway – Featured Durban Blog

Snuggle in this winter with Volpes + a giveaway: I’m such a sucker for soft pillowy blankets to really get into the winter spirit – my favourite season by far! I last popped into Volpes at Ballito Junction towards the end of last year and got the most amazing quilt and knitted blanket, so when I saw they had a new range of blankets in their latest newsletter, I decided an update was in order for this winter. Plus they also now have some soft grey velvet scatter cushions and I’m trying to add lighter colours to our living room, … [Read more...]

Homestead Decor Giveaway – Featured Durban Blog

Homestead Decor Giveaway: When I eventually have dogs and not puppies, this is the first place I am going for new rugs for our home. I’ve had my eye on every single one since Homestead Decor launched and each pic they post is torture! Our home currently has zero rugs in it, as all have been put into storage whilst the pups are under 18 months old – I’m about 7 months away from being able to adorn my floors with one of these beauties – yay! But you lucky fishes get a chance to win one for your own home thanks to … [Read more...]

My #MalfyMoment + A Giveaway – Featured Durban Blog

My #MalfyMoment + A Giveaway: I only recently resurrected my love of gin, it’s been dormant for a while. But the gin scene has exploded worldwide and in South Africa there are distillers and parties and lots of gushing over garnishes all of a sudden, so it’s pretty clear – #GinIsIn. I tried Malfy in December when I was stocking up for the festive season – I have to admit it was the sexy AF bottle which first caught my eye and that bottle (now empty) still graces the bar cart. But it was DELICIOUS – like seriously. … [Read more...]