KZN man arrested for possession of dagga worth R300 000

Durban in the News: KZN man arrested for possession of dagga worth R300 000: A 39-year-old man has been arrested for being in possession of dagga with a street value of R300 000, say KZN police. Click HERE to submit your Durban and Kwa-Zulu Natal news. … [Read more...]

The truth about dagga

The truth about dagga: If you think that dagga is a dangerous narcotic, then you have been duped through propaganda. Dagga is as traditional to SA as biltong, boerebeskuit and witblits. It fascinated JV Riebeeck and missionaries extolled its virtues. It grows like a weed, is medicinal in its natural form with a lower potential for harm to self and society than sugar. Supported by science (endocannabinoid system), legal in 24 USA states with 200 million US citizens having access to it as medicine (endocannabinoid system) + populations of 11 … [Read more...]

‘Robin Hood’ nabbed for smoking dagga on beach

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Woman tries to smuggle dagga into police station

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