Durban Image: Motorbike Time Trial @ Durban City Circuit

A Durban tagged image from Flickr - click on the name of the photographer below the image to see more Durban goodness. Motorbike Time Trial @ Durban City Circuit Image by AkibaKei Motorbike time trial @ Durban City Circuit in South Africa as part of the Top Gear Festival. Taken with Nikon D7100 + Sigma 150-500mm lens. … [Read more...]

Quick Ab Slider Circuit (Video) – Featured Durban Blog

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UKZN Ikusasa Lethu Durban School Circuit

A Durban selected video: Visit the MyPE YouTube Channel. More KwaMuhle Museum on MyDurban. … [Read more...]

A 1000 Verbs: The Top Gear Festival Street Circuit – Featured Durban Blog

A 1000 Verbs: Top Gear Festival – A Review Preview: It’s all over. We can hardly believe it but now that we have tasted of #topgearfest glory we’re already planning and psyching ourselves up for next year. Here’s the deal, we got a truck-load of content we want to show you if you missed it or if you want to relive the memories, so we’ll […] Full article here: » Durban, This Is Your Digital Home. - TwoSlice Dré Fill in the form below to have your blog featured on MyDurban - we will post a snippet … [Read more...]