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Message from the Bridge: After several years of dedicated and loyal service with a steady hand on the helm and in the galley our very familiar and much loved Club Manager Mr Steve Rawlins has decided that it is now time to stand down and enjoy a well deserved retirement.  On behalf of all the members we wish Steve […] Pacer Team Racing Match 13: and triskaidekaphobia did not deter sailors from participating in Match 13 of the Team Racing Series … [Read more...]

Rescuers save man stuck under bridge for 2 days

Durban in the News: Rescuers save man stuck under bridge for 2 days: A man who is believed to have been stuck under a bridge platform for two days has been rescued. Officials implicated in Nkandla scandal paid millions: Two of Nkandla officials implicated in the Special Investigations Unit's report each received salaries of more than R2m, it has emerged. Police warn motorists as 2 arrested, car torched in KZN protests: Two people have been arrested after roads were blocked and a car set alight during protests in … [Read more...]

Durban Image: Bridge (Durban, South Africa)

A Durban tagged image from Flickr - click on the name of the photographer below the image to see more Durban goodness. Bridge (Durban, South Africa) Image by ~MVI~ (warped) The Ellis Brown Viaduct spans the mouth of the Umgeni River and links the southern and northern districts of Durban (~MVI~ 2011 Archive). … [Read more...]

Man thrown off Paradise Valley bridge

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