South African Discretely Moving to Canada as Passive Investors

South African Discretely Moving to Canada as Passive Investors:

South African Family moving to Canada Photo: VIP Business Immigration

Johannesburg, May 15th 2018:

South Africans moving to Canada as Investors under the New Quebec Investor Program with increased requirements in 2018

Many South Africa wealthy Business owners and High Net Worth Employed Managers have discoved a very discreet solution for moving to Canada without all the restrictions of age, education and language proficiency requirements. The number of applicants has increased by 25% each year since 2010,but still with very small numbers compared to other countries that saw massive demand for Canadian Investor Immigration under the Quebec Investor Program. The influx maybe in part due to VIP business immigration, the largest Canadian investor immigration law partnership between immigration consultants, lawyers and Quebec financial intermediaries for the Quebec Investor Program providing immigration services. The Quebec Investor Program of 2018 which will start in September is drawing a lot of attention from potential investors from all of South Africa interested in immigrating to Canada for its security, quality of life, Low Business Taxes, best access to Free Trade Agreements Worldwide and much more.

Over the last few years, more than 200 South Africans have moved to Canada as Quebec Investor Selected Immigrant. It is expected that with the new requirement such as having a Net worth of 2.0M Canadian or 18M ZAR, demand from South Africans will not decrease as the program gets out .. no age limit is the key factor.

Over the span of the last few years, Canada has welcomed the highest levels of immigrants in more than 100 years, this is a huge indication that the new policies established by the Government and the favorable condition for immigrants to settle in Canada are having the right impact. Economists believe that the increase of interest from the investors has increased tremendously this year after introduction of The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) 2018, which is the only Canadian Business Immigration Program that put no restrictions on age, language or diploma requirements, and places no requirements to start, buy or manage a company in Canada as it is a Passive Investment Immigration Visa. This is especially important because it gives potential investors the freedom for the future and possibility to sell their current company at the right moment for the right price before moving to Canada as a passive Immigrant Investor under the Canada Citizenship by investment Visa and Canada and Quebec in particular have a rich culture and history of successful integration of cultures, which is further enhanced by the different people from different countries, cultures, religions and ethnicity that now call Quebec home and with no distinctions on opportunities for the future. Canadian Ministers are black Africans, Indians, French, Irish, Native Americans….

Canada’s natural and architectural beauty has been drawing in tourists from around the world, it is natural that many of them would love to be a part of Canada’s prosperity and economic growth, and Canada seems to be welcoming them warmly.Canada is the new country of freedom an opportunity and has replaced the USA many years ago..


Canadian Citizenship and Passport for South Africans Photo: VIP Business Immigration

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