SA Company creates first ever anti-poaching game.

SA Company creates first ever anti-poaching game.:

Shoot poachers and protect animals Photo: BTK Software

Pretoria, June 07, 2018 – Locally owned software company BTK Software announced today the launch of the world’s first anti-poaching game for Android and Apple users namely POACHER DOWN. The initial version of this First Person Shooter (FPS) game utilizes 3 language options including Zulu and Afrikaans which is another first for international gaming.

BTK Software designed the app to help curb the epidemic of poaching in Southern Africa and hopes to generate much needed international awareness and funds for this cause. BTK partnered with local anti-poaching organisation the Rhino Pride Foundation as the beneficiary of all national and international donations generated though the app.

Poacher Down is an action-packed shooter game where the user needs to protect an array of animals from an ever increasing number of poachers. The user can choose from a range of weapons, guns, grenades and bullets. The game even has a slow motion action sequences for kill shots.

“The idea from the beginning was to create a world class action game that is entertaining and fun to play. The more people that play the game the better. Users can help by simply clicking on a donation button in the game. We also plan on adding a couple more language options to unlock additional local and international market segments such as Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and other South African languages. Players like to hear the poachers shout, cry and make jokes in their native tongue.” said CEO Werner van der Westhuizen

Although the game comes across as gruesome and graphic at times, the user can simply switch off the blood and strong language in the game’s settings menu.

Another perk in the game is the use of an international leader board where users can see their ranking compared to all the other players across the globe.

This is definitely an innovative approach to creating awareness for the poaching epidemic and we look forward to see what the public will make of this.

Relevant links to Poacher Down

The game is available on both Apple and Android play stores:

To see a sample video of the gameplay in Zulu click here:


About the Rhino Pride Foundation

Established in South Africa in 2015, the Rhino Pride Foundation was founded by specialist wildlife veterinarian Dr Jana Pretorius, who saw an urgent need to tackle the devastating rhino poaching crisis head-on.

The Rhino Pride Foundation works to create layered security sanctuaries with ultra-secure perimeters. Utilising technology to track and stop poachers, the sanctuaries feature high-tech early warning systems with buffer zones. These enable reaction teams to locate and apprehend poachers before they can gain access to the reserves.

As well as saving wildlife, this tech-based approach minimises the human cost of anti-poaching efforts in a war where too many lives are lost. For more information please visit:

About BTK Software

BTK Software was founded by local entrepreneur Werner van der Westhuizen in 2013.

The company specializes in high-tech software designs and recently expanded into the gaming sphere.

The company has developed apps for IBM’s Smarter Cities initiative and has a long history of apps and other software solutions. For more information please visit:


To learn more about Poacher Down or to get involved, please contact:


Poacher Shot Photo: BTK Software

Home Screen Photo: BTK Software

Poacher Down Landing Page Photo: BTK Software


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