Crocworld Conservation Centre Welcomes New Vulture into Breeding Programme

Crocworld Conservation Centre Welcomes New Vulture into Breeding Programme:

Crocworld Conservation Centre’s Horace the Cape Vulture is preening his feathers, as he welcomes his new girlfriend, Cites, who is also of the same species.

The Cape Vulture is on the endangered species list, and plays a vital role in the ecosystem. Centre Manager, Martin Rodrigues said, “Vultures are on the endangered species list, and we would like to do everything possible to encourage their survival.”

Both Horace and Cites are part of Crocworld Conservation Centre’s conservation and breeding Vulture Programme, which was launched earlier this year. Due to the high conservation importance of Vultures, Crocworld Conservation Centre has built an enclosure specifically to house the Cape Vulture which is endangered and the African White Backed Vulture which is on the critically endangered list.

Similar to Horace’s story, Cites, a juvenile female vulture, was recovered within the Oribi Gorge area in February this year, after colliding with a power line. She was badly injured, with her left wing having several open fractures.

The damage was extremely severe, thus prompting a decision to amputate the wing rather than euthanizing the bird, due to its endangered conservation status.

Rodrigues said that Cites is now fully recovered and he hopes that she will play a vital role in the breeding programme, whereby healthy offspring will be released back into the wild.

“Cites has settled incredibly well within her new home and although she has adapted very quickly with the help of Horace, there is still a very long road ahead before they could potentially breed,” added Rodrigues.

Rodrigues is optimistic regarding the long term success of the vulture breeding and conservation project which the Centre has established. The project is a shared vision between Crocworld Conservation Centre and the Raptor Rescue Rehabilitation Centre in Pietermaritzburg. The Raptor Rescue Rehabilitation Centre rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured, ill and distressed birds of prey.

Visit the new lovebirds, Horace and Cites, at the Crocworld Conservation Centre.

Crocworld Conservation Centre provides an ideal day’s outing for visitors of all ages. Spend a lazy morning ambling through the vast aviaries and enclosures, absorbing the wealth of knowledge of well-trained staff specialising in reptiles and birds, housed at the Centre.

Indulge in the colourful world of feathered friends and scaly, slithery creatures. Delve in the delightful menu of Le Rendez-Vous, the onsite restaurant, or meander through the vast plant and shrub displays at the Izinyoni Indigenous Nursery.

For more information about Crocworld Conservation Centre, visit, @CrocworldCC on Twitter, or Crocworld Conservation Centre on Facebook.

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