Celebrate reggae this April at Wahooz!

Celebrate reggae this April at Wahooz!: Celebrate a unique reggae revolution at uShaka Marine World’s restaurant, Wahooz on the Promenade on Saturday, April 6th from 10am – 8pm. Although reggae originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s, it also has its musical roots in New Orleans R&B and beyond. It relies on skittering guitar and syncopated rhythms and is probably most associated with Rasta legend Bob Marley and pop band UB40. However, it’s laid back vibe has been interpreted and reinterpreted over the decades. That makes it the very best … [Read more...]

ULT.X And All The BMX Results From Sun City

ULT.X And All The BMX Results From Sun City: Kevin Pereza Photo: © Eric Palmer ULT.X And A FULL PODIUM SWEEP IN BMX Sun City – It was another incredible BMX event last weekend, with ULT.X taking place at the Sun City Resort. Monster Energy’s Pat Casey, Kevin Peraza, Ben Wallace, Alex Coleborn and Mike Varga were all in town and certainly hungry to win in this event, up against a huge line-up of riders from almost every continent. The super fun and tight setup at Sun City definitely pushed all the riders to think out of the … [Read more...]

Splish Splashing Seniors

Splish Splashing Seniors: Last week Friday was a morning of unlimited fun in the sun at uShaka Marine World for over 60 seniors from Bartle House, a NGO home for the aged in Umbilo. They took part in a number of activities as well as treated to a tour of the Aquarium and enjoyed the Dolphin & Seal Shows. The group also got to enjoy a delicious lunch at Wahooz on the Promenade. Some of the seniors even took to cooling down and taking a dip in the pools at Wet n Wild together with uShaka Marine World’s Marketing Administrator Naazneen Abdul … [Read more...]

KSA looks at the hottest trends in kitchen surfaces to be showcased at Decorex SA

KSA looks at the hottest trends in kitchen surfaces to be showcased at Decorex SA: Granite and engineered stone have long been the material of choice for countertops, but as trends have begun to demand a cleaner, sleeker look, there has been a need for a hardwearing surfacing material similar to stone, but in a thinner format. “Porcelain or sintered surfacing has arrived on the market as the ideal kitchen countertop solution,” explained Stephanie Forbes, National Manager of the Kitchen Specialists Association of South Africa (KSA). Maintaining … [Read more...]