Bastille – Durban Skies

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Bastille – Durban Skies

Bastille - Durban Skies Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Tuan Farah Syafiqah Tuan Shamsuddin

    Dan’s parents come from South Africa and his song “Durban Skies” is
    dedicated to them. The song tells the story of how his parents met, fell in
    love, and got married <3?

  • Sofia Mena

    I love how music in the UK only gets discovered in the US like over a year
    later *face-palm*?

  • Gabriel Turner

    When I used to say I liked Bastille people were like who? But now they say,
    oh yeah Pompeii, I heard it on the radio, im a big fan. Me: How many songs
    by them have you heard? Them: 1 Me: 14. Them: No, they only have Pompeii
    out! *facepalm*?

  • Amber, The Creator

    i literally love all of their songs?

  • Live Love Laugh ???

    ~Forever Young?

  • Colin Hughes

    Can’t wait to see them in September!!!!!!!

  • Markie Winters

    Whether you knew it or not there are one night standers in songs, most
    people with Bastille it’s Pompeii and the nbhd it’s sweater weather etc.
    But, yes I agree that there are more beautiful songs within their album and
    yes it’s quite annoying when they declare they are ” true” fans at the
    first syllable spoken.

    But hey, at least they lov em’.

    First song I heard by them was poet and sleepsong.

    A Bastille obsessed fallible fifteen. ?

  • Webbie367

    Can you all please subscribe to me please ?

  • looby loo

    Bastille are actually really popular in the UK… they’re not exactly a

  • Al Bester

    *feel ?

  • Sophie O’Donnell


  • Al Bester

    I fell awesome just because I live in durban ?????

  • Jessie Proctor

    Love this song first time but I love it!! ?????

  • millionhawkes

    Love bastille?

  • LovelyEqiinoxxO92

    I love this song, it’s in my top 5?

  • Kiara Mercury
  • joebeefchicken4
  • Louisa
  • Luca Frère
  • Cristina Rat
  • Aiden
  • Stouffue
  • LiAnnaDixona
  • Louisa