Showcase your accommodation

Add your Durban based Guesthouse, Bed and Breakfast, Self Catering or Hotel for a free feature on MyDurban (free listings will refer tourists to book on SafariNow). Fill in the application below and we will do the rest for you. All featured accommodation is randomly rotated on the front page and at the bottom of every news article – giving you great exposure for nothing or a rand a day – the choice is yours!

  • Preferably your own OR, in the case of a free listing, your page on Safarinow

The above form allows you to list or upgrade your existing listing on MyDurban. Once you click submit you will be taken to our payment processor – 2Checkout (look for the MyPE heading on the payment page) – to complete your purchase. Ignore the payment if you just want a FREE listing.

Various accommodation choices in Durban are listed here.

Property owners have a choice of the style of listing that they wish to take:

  1. Free – these have advertising placed next to them in the RHS sidebar and we only accept links to Durban listings that are also on Safarinow – in that manner we make a small commission every time someone books in return for our promotional spend.
  2. Paid – these listings do not have any advertising next to them, feature a prominent booking enquiry form, appear at the top of various lists, are highly optimised and are the ONLY listings to appear in the Quote from all booking request form.


  • Paid listings cost a rand a day (R365.00 per annum) and an activation fee of R500.00 is charged.
  • Your upfront payment of R865.00 includes two months of free advertising in the Right Hand Sidebar of MyDurban (A R1000.00 value)