A Repository of African Skin Images

A Repository of African Skin Images:

African Skin is an online gallery of South African people aimed at providing the field of dermatology with photographs for study and promotional purposes. The website features several stock photographs of native African people that can be used for the sales and marketing of dermatology products along with education and training.

Recognising the pressing need for stock photos of true South Africans in the field of dermatology, the website was created by two keen photographers Prof. Ncoza Dlova and Gizelle Regel.

Photo Categories Available on African Skin:
The photos on the website are broadly classified into two categories so that they can be found easily:

1. Dermatology – Dermatology deals with the ailments of the skin, hair and nails. When monitoring the patients or teaching students about the various conditions, the use of photographs is necessary. As there are hundreds of skin disorders, it is not easy to visually imagine them. Photographs help in better identifying and understanding various conditions. African Skin features many first-hand photographs of dermatological conditions of real African skin for educational and promotional purposes.

2. Lifestyle – When promoting dermatology products, it is essential to use tailored photos. African Skin features a great collection of photos with various ages, ethnicities and sexes allowing you to find a suitable photo for your purpose. Focusing on skin, hair and nails, the images are suitable for the promotion of dermatological products. You can find pictures of babies, children, men and women, couples, moms, babies and people washing faces etc. on the website.

Subscription Plans Offered by African Skin:
African Skin offers four distinct subscription plans to its users for accessing, downloading and utilising their pictures. The plans are:

• Small Access – The small access plan allows you to download any 5 small images, available for a period of 30 days. This plan is priced at R450.

• Medium Access – The medium access plan allows you to download any 5 medium images. This plan is priced at R700.

• Large Access – The large access plan gives you access to any 5 large photos from their collection. The subscription period is 30 days. This plan is priced at R850.

• X-Large Access –The extra-large access plan gives you access to download and use any 5 extra-large images. The plan costs R950 for a 30-day period.

If you are unable to find a stock photograph that suits your needs, you can also get tailor-made photographs as per your specific requirements. To contact African Skin for commissioning, or to view their collection, please visit their website: https://africanskin.co.za

About African Skin:
The website was created by two keen photographers the brainchild of dermatology specialist Prof. Ncoza Dlova and dermatology marketer Gizelle Regel. African Skin is a website that features original photographs of true African Skin. The platform aims to aid the world of dermatology in education and promotion by offering first-hand photographs, curated for dermatology.

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